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Atlas Desert Tours will make your Morocco Tour an Experience of a Lifetime!!

" We introduce you to Morocco in a way that lets you experience it fully. We’ll show you the attractions, and then the attractions beyond the attractions, and give you the perspective to feel like you’re not just visiting a place, you’re a part of it."

Atlas Desert Tours LLC is a local Travel and Transportation Company, based in Morocco and run by a Berber Family with the lead of three brothers: Hassan, Said and Ibrahim.

Combining many years of experience in the Moroccan tourism industry and a deep understanding of Moroccan culture, we create fantastic, memorable, and affordable Morocco tours for our customers so they can experience the rich history, exotic lifestyle, and breathtaking landscapes of Morocco. Our mission is to provide high-quality Morocco tour packages at reasonable prices for world travelers.

Atlas Desert Tours was created by our family, we are Berbers (Or Amazigh) who used to arrange camel safaris decades ago in our home, the Sahara desert. After so many happy clients, the demand grew and we expanded from the region to follow our nomadic roots and cover the whole Kingdom of Morocco.

Hassan Aabou : cultural tour guide

Your Expert Team

Integrity, quality, and dependability are the foundation of our business and we always conduct all our dealings with honesty and openness. We are advocates of responsible tourism, with the end goal to provide the best experience for you while respecting our natural heritage of the country.

Hassan and Said found their passion for Culture and Language amongst the majestic sand dunes in the south east of Morocco ” Erg Chebbi”, which is located in Merzouga village. There they led a Nomadic childhood with their parents, wandering through the desert with their family and camels possessing only a tent for shelter. Since then they have attended the University of Meknes, where they gained their degrees in English literature and Moroccan history and culture.

They are passionate about educating and informing the general public about their culture and little-known nomadic way of life and about all the great secrets that Morocco holds.

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